A simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-use tool to help you to analyze the content of videos stored on your computer.

Use Lloyd's Video Analysis Tool to tag, comment, and organize the content of videos. Then, create text reports that can be opened in Excel or Word. This is a perfect tool for professionals who use video to capture work-related events, and then study the videos to improve the work environment. This is also a great tool for teachers, students, and researchers. Students can use it to create content reports to accompany video projects made for school. Teachers can record their teaching to review and improve their classroom practice. Researchers who record video to collect field data can use the tool to study complex social interactions. It is also great for home use, such as documenting the people, places, and events in home movies.

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Watch a Quick Overview of Lloyd's Video Analysis Tool

Sample Screen Shots

The Home Screen

Screen shot of the home screen

The Video Analysis Screen

Screen shot of the video analysis screen

The Analysis Report Screen

Screen shot of the analysis report screen