Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the free version and the full version?
    The free version only allows you to work on one project. You are also prohibited from exporting source files. The free version is fully functional in all other respects. It is likely that most users with very limited video analysis needs will find the free version more than adequate for their needs.
  • I'm using the free version. What do I do if I need to work on a second project?
    You will need to delete your first project. But be sure to first create a report to save the results of your video analysis. And yes, this means that you will not be able to come back and work on your first project at a later date. If you need to work on more than one project at a time, then you need to purchase the full version.
  • I'm using the free version. How do I back up my work?
    You can save your "intellectual work" by creating a report. However, if your computer crashes and you can't recover data from the hard drive, there is no no way to create a VAT data file from a report. You will have to manually redo the video analysis (you can copy and paste from your saved, properly backed-up report). If you want to truly back up your work, then you will need to purchase the full version and export the data file and save it in a safe place other than your hard drive.
  • Why isn't the Windows version fully supported?
    This tool was programmed specifically for the Maintosh. However, the programming language (LiveCode) used to build the tool allows for the software to be exported also to the Windows platform. Video is a bit more complicated to support on the Windows platform, especially given a tool primarily developed for the Mac. My hope, of course, is that the Windows version will work perfectly for you, but I can't guarantee it. Although I hope to have the time to fix bugs and other problems in the Windows, I simply cannot promise anything. So, I felt it was important to just be as honest and up front about this as I can.
  • The transcription tool sounds great. How does this work exactly?
    Well, don't get too excited. This is not an automated transcription service. It is a manual transcription tool meaning that, yes, you have to type the transcription yourself, but I think it's one of the simplest and best manual transcription tools available. I should know because I have tried many, many different tools myself. When you activate the tool, the clip begins to play. The moment you type a key, the video automatically stops. When you press the space bar, the video will rewind approximately two seconds and start to play again. This approach allows you to type the transcription at your preferred pace. There is never a need to press any other keys to stop, rewind, and start the video as you type. If you do get a little behind, there is a 5 second rewind button you can press. Please be aware that the transcription tool completely controls the video, so you can't fast forward or rewind the video to a desired section. So, I recommend you keep your clips fairly short if you plan on using this transcription tool. Of course, if you have another approach to creating a transcription to a clip, you can simply copy and paste the transcription into the transcription window.

  • What if my video is not in one of the allowed formats?
    Use a file converter application, such as
  • Can I analyze videos on YouTube?
    No, but if you have permission of the video's copyright holder, you can use a tool such as to download the YouTube video to your computer.
  • Can I analyze other videos found on the Web?
    The video would first have to downloaded to your computer's hard drive. Some web videos can be downloaded simply by right-clicking on the video link and choosing "Save as..."
  • Do you offer any software discounts for educational or non-profit organizations?
    First, a reality check: The cost of the full app is only $5.99, about the same price as purchasing a large specialty coffee at Starbucks. That said, if you work at a non-profit organization, such as a public school, college, or university, and want to use my video analysis tool with a large group of people, email me at <> with information about your situation. Maybe we can work something out. Keep in mind that I've created a free version available that allows users to do a full-scale video analysis. The free version will likely suit the needs of most classroom situations.