Features & Uses

Features of Lloyd's Video Analysis Tool

  • Identify as many video clips for analysis as you wish.
  • Categorize each video clip using as many tags as you wish.
  • Add a comment of any length for each video clip.
  • Add a transcription for each video clip, and use the transcription tool editor to help you create a transcription.
  • Search and organize your video clips using tags.
  • Reorder how the clips are displayed.
  • Export reports in text only and Excel-ready formats.

Examples of ways to use Lloyd's Video Analysis Tool

  • Teachers who want to analyze video of their teaching ability, or student teachers who need to document and reflect on their teaching skill, under the direction of supervising teachers or professors. The tool is a great resource for student teachers to meet edTPA requirements.
  • Professionals who want to improve their public speaking ability.
  • Musicians who want to improve their abilityto play a particular instrument.
  • Retail managers who want their employees to improve their customer service skills.
  • Families who want to annotate home movies.
  • Researchers who want to analyze video of a social situation (e.g. school classroom).
  • Online teachers who create videos for their classes and want to prepare guide sheets or transcriptions.
  • Anyone needing to type a transcription of a video segment.
  • Elementary, middle, or high school students who need to critique videos for a school project (perhaps videos that they made themselves).

Really, Lloyd's Video Analysis Tool is for anyone who wants to analyze the content of any video in order to identify, organize, and categorize individual clips or scenes.