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Download the free version of Lloyd's Video Analysis Tool:

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Registering your email will help Lloyd to determine the distribution and impact of this app. It is a much more credible metric than merely the number of clicks. Lloyd promises never to give or sell your email address to anyone. By registering, you will help him justify the time he spends developing apps like this. When you register, you can also choose to never, ever be contacted by him.

The free version has only two limitations. First, you can only save one project. Second, you are not permitted to export the source file of the project. Upgrading to the full version removes these two limitations.

Use this free version to evaluate Lloyd's Video Analysis Tool thoroughly to make sure it meets your needs and expectations before deciding to purchase the full version. No refunds will be given after purchase.

*Important note: The Macintosh version is the only officially supported version of the tool. The Windows version is available solely as a value-added resource. People who buy the full Macintosh version can also access the full Windows version at no cost.Windows users are encouraged to submit feedback and report technical issues, however there are no plans to support the Windows version and no assurances are given that the Windows version will work properly for you. (Please note that the current Windows version also requires that you have QuickTime installed on your computer. An update will be available soon that will use DirectShow instead of QuickTime.)