Computers, Graphics, & Learning

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The first edition of this textbook, published by Brown & Benchmark, is now out of print. The rights reverted back to me and I have converted it to HTML and PDF. I am also revising the book and will publish the second edition here as well.

I am making the first edition available (in HTML and PDF formats) to all educators (teachers and students) affiliated with non-profit school/organizations at no cost. If interested, fill out the registration form below. The second edition will not be offered free. However, registering below for the first edition does not in any way obligate you to purchase the second edition. This registration is my way to collect some data on interest in this book. I will also contact you periodically with information updates about the second edition.

Those who qualify for a free copy will be emailed the address of a web site at which you can view the book online (HTML version) or download a PDF copy of the book. (Individuals and groups who do not qualify for a free copy will be emailed purchase information.)

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