This Web site is designed to give important information for anyone interested in this enrolling in this course. Please read everything carefully.

If you decide to register for the course, please email Lloyd Rieber to alert him of your intent. He will create a class email distribution list and will send you an email about one week prior to the first day of the course with important updated notes about getting ready for this course. Included in this email will be your course account information (Lloyd will set up a username and password for you to be activated by the first day of the course).

If you have questions about this course, please do not hesitate to contact Lloyd.


Please get the textbook as soon as possible:

Leedy, P. D., & Ormrod, J. E. (2012). Practical research: Planning and design (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

However, the 9th edition (published in 2009) is also acceptable.

You need to purchase this book yourself online using Amazon.com, or a similar online bookseller.

How to get ready for this course

It is strongly recommended you come to Gwinnett for a face-to-face meeting on the first class on January 9: We will meet at 5:30 pm at the UGA Gwinnett Campus (Room 118; note that parking is free). (Please note that this is a little later than the scheduled time in order to give everyone a little extra time to drive to class. I will demonstrate the technology that we will be using in the course and provide a good thorough orientation to the course. This ensures that we start off on the right foot. If you are already an experienced Horizon Wimba user, or if traveling to Gwinnett on January 9 is unusually difficult for you, you are still expected to attend via the Horizon Wimba virtual classroom.

Required hardware and software:

You must have easy access to the following:

  • A high speed Internet connection;
  • Windows or Macintosh computer with a Web browser compatible with UGA's eLearning Commons and the Horizon Wimba virtual classroom (more about Horizon Wimba is below);
  • Microsoft Office (primarily Word, PowerPoint, & Excel);
  • A Google account with access to and familiarity with Google mail and Google docs;

Special technical skills you will need:

  • Ability to change basic system configurations and control panels (such as adjusting audio input/output and screen size);
  • Ability to download and install software components from the Internet as needed (i.e. browser plug-ins such as for Flash);
  • Ability to troubleshoot basic computer problems (especially those common with Internet connections).

Horizon Wimba Virtual Classroom

Your computer must be compatible to use the Horizon Wimba virtual classroom for synchronous live online class meetings: This is one of the main technologies used in the course. It will allow us to meet as a group to discuss the various course topics and participate in other activities. To find out if your computer system is compatible with the Horizon Wimba technology, run the following "Setup Wizard" (note: if you are missing a component, this wizard will guide you through the steps in downloading and installing the component; and almost everyone will need to install at least one component enabling two-way audio).

Here are the procedures for running the Setup Wizard:

  • Log into eLearning Commons: https://www.elc.uga.edu/
  • Click on the course "EDIT6900E - RESEARCH IN IT - 13SP-73077" (Note: This link may not be available until the end of the Fall, 2012 semester).
  • Click on the link titled "Horizon Wimba Live Classroom."
  • Click on the link titled "EDIT 6900 Main Room (Spring 2013)."
  • Click on the "Setup wizard" button in the top right-hand side of the screen, then follow the instructions.
  • If your system does not pass all of the tests conducted by the wizard, you should contact UGA's Student Technology Support (STS) for assistance. They provide special support to students enrolled in classes that use the Horizon Wimba classroom. Students may get assistance by e-mailing hlive@uga.edu or calling STS at 706-542-3333.

Highly recommended

  • Computer headset with microphone and earphones (even the cheapest should work fine, just make sure you buy this from the computer section of a store such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc.).

Other important skills you will need

  • Ability to work independently;
  • Maintain a positive attitude;
  • Not be willing to give up at the first sign of trouble;
  • Able to keep in check the inevitable frustrations that are bound to crop up in an online course such as this.