General LiveCode Notes

To access the most current PDFs of the LiveCode user guide, the iOS Deployment Release Notes, and Android Deployment Release Notes, launch LiveCode and go to the help menu.

The screen dimensions to develop for the iPhone 4 are 320 X 480.

The screen dimensions to develop for the iPad are 1024 by 768.

For Android, start with the screen dimensions of 480x800.

In order to cut, copy, or duplicate a card, you first have to go to that card and choose "Card Inspector" from the Object menu, only then will the cut and copy options appear in the Edit menu.

Use \ to continue one line of code to the next line (Line continuation character)

Use // at start of line to make the line a comment.

Use /* */ as beginning and ending tags to turn multiple lines into one long comment.

ASCII codes

Numbers 0-9: 48-57
A-Z: 65-90
a-z: 97-122
Misc: ! 33 " 34 ' 39 ( 40 ) 41 * 42 + 43 , 44 - 45 . 46 / 47

To get data from a Web page and use it in LiveCode, use the following code:

put URL "[put complete URL of Web page here]" into [an appropriate container of the information]

put URL "" into field "contact"

put URL "" into gData

Sound Effects Resources

Wide assortment of sound effects, most free to copy/use:

sound effects generator: