Apple Software Development Kit

Only works with an up-to-date Apple Computer!
(Windows users cannot develop for the iPhone/iPad)

Apple Development Member Center

To download the free Apple SDK, you must become an Apple Development Member. Fortunately, doing so is free. The SDK comes with an iPhone simulator which is great for testing. (Note: You have to pay $99 at the time when you want to test your project on a real device.) Here is the Web site:

Apple Development Member Center Web site

You can use your existing Apple ID when you join. This is the same ID you use if you have ever downloaded an iPhone/iPad app or a song from iTunes.

Go to the "iOS Dev Center" (look for the hammer icon). You will find a link there to download the SDK.

While you are visiting the Apple Development Member Center site, you might want to check out the "iOS Provisioning Portal" (the link is on the same page where you found the iOS Dev Center link). When the time comes when you want to pay the $99 and test your project on a real device, this is where you will need to go to get all of the required certificates.

Personally, I find this entire certificate and provisioning process very confusing, so I have found myself relying on some tutorials that RunRev (the company that makes LiveCode) for this entire process.

I highly recommend the following:

How Do I Become an iOS Developer

Finally, here is a good tutorial for taking an existing LiveCode project and testing it with the Apple iOS SDK:

How Do I Build an iPhone Application for iOS?

But, click here for an ugly text file containing all of my raw notes written on November 2, 2013 for successfully acquiring all of the certificates and profiles needed to test my project "Crack the Code" on my iPhone.