Airplane Pilot

LiveCode Files for this Project

Angle Testing

The file "angle_testing.livecode" is a very rough draft of a project that demonstrates how to rotate object using the "angle" property. (Note: There is command called "rotate" available in LiveCode, but I don't recommend it because it has some serious limitations.)

This file uses the sine and cosine (sin and cos) functions to determine the movement of the plane when any angle is selected. (The sine and cosine functions only work with radians, whereas the "angle" property uses degrees. However, degrees can be converted easily to radians by multiplying by (pi/180).

Airplane Pilot: Version 1

This is a simple version of a game in which the player takes on the role of a airplane pilot. There is a button to "take off" and "land." When flying, the plane can be rotated left and right with screen buttons (the keyboard arrow keys can also be used).

Airplane Pilot: Version 2

I'm working on this right now. It is a game where the user has to land the plane on a runway with the goal of stopping the plane as close to the target as possible. (I'll release this one soon.)