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CAI Format: Simulation

Instructional Objectives: Demonstrate the influence of multimedia design decisions on a person's cognitive processing based on Allan Paivio's Dual-Coding Theory.

Intended Audience: Undergraduate and graduate level education students.

Brief Description: This simulation is a tool to help multimedia designers and developers gain an understanding of how current theory and research may inform their designs while being consistent with budgetary constraints. This tool allows you to make instructional decisions and then "peek" inside the head of the student to see how the multimedia elements influence cognitive processing. The model uses the research and theory of Allan Paivio, Richard Mayer, and Lloyd Rieber as a guide.

Parents, public school students, and educators working for non-profit schools or organizations are welcome to link to this interactive educational web resource at no cost on the condition that each registers such use with Lloyd Rieber at Those who register will be notified in the event that this web address changes. Commercial vendors, corporate trainers, and others who are part of for-profit organizations should contact Lloyd Rieber for licensing arrangements.

Nowhere Road Gallery