copyright 1997 Suzanne Elbon

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Note from Lloyd: This game was developed on a Macintosh in the eary days of the Authoware Web Player. Its performance on Windows computers is poor, mainly due to extensive font substitutions

Description of the game

CAI Format: Game

Instructional Objectives: demonstrate how to give correct change; demonstrate an introductory understanding of interest rates.

Intended Audience: Elementary and middle school students.

Brief Description: This game lets you pretend you are a shop owner. You have to give each customer just the right amount of change. If you do, you will get $100 for the month. You will see how interest from a bank works as you save this money over one year. If you do well, you can visit the mall and spend some of your hard earned cash.

You need Authorware Web Player 5.1 to run this game...

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